Welcome to Scalpers! Local bar and grille, been open since 1994, we merged with Sharpys's Subs in 2005!! Our kitchen is open til 2 am 7 days a week, over 20 TVs

Prices are subject to change


Each Salad include 2 dressings: Italian, Lite Italian, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Creamy Italian, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, or Sharpy's Oil

Garden Salad

Tomato, cucumber, olives, & cheese

Grilled Chicken Salad

Tomato, cucumber, olives, cheese, and grilled chicken


Tomato, cucumber, olives, cheese, and tuna

Extra Dressing


House Salad w/pepperoni

Tomato, cucumber, olives, cheese, & pepperoni

Chicken Tender Salad

Tomato, cucumber, olives, cheese, and chicken tenders

Chef Salad

Tomato, cucumber, olives, ham, turkey, provolone & American cheese

Cole Slaw


Start Ups

Cheese Quesadilla

w/lettuce, tomato, onions, salsa, & sour cream....................................... AND CHICKEN or STEAK....$7.75

Reuben Quesadilla


Pizza Bites (8)


Potato Skins

Mozzarella, cheddar cheese, bacon bits, & choice of Ranch or sour cream

Pretzel Sticks (2)

w/honey mustard

Cheddar Cheese Poppers


Breaded Mushrooms


Fries (Regular)


Tator Tots

$3.50 $4.50
small and large sizes

Cajun or BBQ Fries w/ranch


Walking Taco

w/Doritos or Fritos - taco meat, lettuce, cheese & sour cream on the side

Mozzarella Sticks (6)


Nachos w/cheese & salsa


Onion Rings

$3.75 $5.25
small and large sizes

Chicken Tenders

3..$5.25 5..$7.50
(also available Buffalo style)

Fries (Crisscut)

$4.25 $5.25
small and large sizes

Cheese Fries

w/bacon and ranch or sour cream on side

Garlic Fries w/ranch


Cheese Cup or Extra Sides

(ranch, sour cream, sauce, etc.)

Pizza Fries



Choose from: Hot, Mild, Cajun, Garlic, Honey Mustard, Hot Garlic, Asian, homemade BBQ, Teriyaki, Parmesan, Lemon Pepper or Scalpers Special Sauce (BBQ/Mild mix) Also available extra crispy!

12 wings


24 wings


Boneless wings (10)


18 wings


50 wings


Baker's Dozen

12 Wings - 6 BBQ & 6 Mild sauce with ranch in the middle

Extra sides

Blue Cheese, Ranch, or extra sauce

Hot Subs

Order 6" or 12"

Make any sub or sandwich a wrap!

Steak (Plain)

$5.75 $8.50
Add Grilled Onions, cheese, or mushroom.. 6" $.50 extra or 12" $.80 extra

Steak Deluxe

$6.75 $10.50
Cheese, mushrooms, & grilled onions

Steak Supreme

$6.25 $9.25
Raw onions, lettuce, tomato, & creamy Italian

Chicken Breast Sub

$7.25 $11.50
Grilled chicken, mayo, onions, lettuce, & tomato

Bigg Boy Sub

$8.50 $11.50
Beef patties, cheese, special sauce, lettuce, & pickles

Meatball w/cheese

$6.25 $9.25

Chicken Supreme

$7.25 $11.00
Breaded chicken with lettuce, onion, tomato, & creamy Italian

Ham Boat

$5.75 $8.25
Grilled ham with Am.cheese, butter, mayo, onions, lettuce, & tomato

Sicilian Burger Sub

$8.50 $11.50
Beef patties, Salami, provolone, oil, mayo, onions, lettuce, & tomato

Cheeseburger Sub

$7.25 $10.25
American cheese, butter, mayo, onions, lettuce, & tomato

Cold Subs

Order 6" or 12"

Subs include onions, lettuce, tomato, & Sharpy's special blend of Italian oil


$5.25 $8.00
Lettuce, onions, tomatoes, banana and green peppers, & black olives


$5.50 $8.00
American and provolone

Ham & Turkey

$6.00 $9.00

Ham & Provolone

$5.75 $8.75

Pepperoni & Provolone

$6.50 $9.50


$6.50 $9.50
Capicola, hard salami, & provolone

Italian Pepperoni

$6.75 $9.75

Deli Deluxe

$6.50 $9.50
Bologna, cooked salami, ham, provolone, & American cheese


$5.50 $8.25
Bologna, cooked salami, & provolone

Turkey Breast

$6.00 $9.00

Tuna Fish

$5.75 $8.75

Roast Beef

$6.25 $9.25

Hard Salami & Provolone

$6.50 $9.50

Double Italian

$7.75 $11.75


$6.75 $10.25
Ham, turkey, & bacon

Sharpy's Special

$8.25 $12.25
Ham, turkey, roast beef, provolone, & American cheese

Add the following to all subs (hot or cold) and sandwiches (priced as follows):

Lunch Meat(ea)

$1.75 $2.25


$1.75 $2.50


$1.50 $2.25


$1.75 $2.25

Burgers & More

Add Cheese .. $1.00 or Bacon.. $1.25

Scalpers Burger

Fresh beef patty w/onions, lettuce, & tomato

Sicilian Italian Bigg Boy

2 beef patties, capicola, salami, & provolone w/mayo, lettuce, tomato, & onions on a triple bun

"Big Daddy" Bigger Boy

Fresh beef patty with American cheese, special sauce, lettuce, & pickles

All In Burger

Fresh beef patty, Mozzarella sticks, American cheese, bacon & side of fries

All In Italian

Breaded chicken breast topped w/cheese, marinara & mozzarella sticks on a Brioche bun w/side of fries

Dawg Pound

1/2 lb. Fresh Burger with grilled mushrooms and onions, mayo, bacon, onion ring, and provolone cheese on a brioche bun

Beckham Burger

1/2 lb. Fresh Burger with thick slice cheddar cheese, Cajun bacon, lettuce, & thousand island dressing on a brioche bun

Turkey Burger

Served w/lettuce, tomato, onion, & mayo

Chicken Club

Grilled chicken breast (or breaded) w/lettuce, tomato, mayo, & bacon (Buffalo style also available)

Chicken Parm Sandwich

Served on a Brioche bun with cheese & marinara

Tailgater Wrap

2 Chicken tenders, tater tots, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, & Ranch

Gyro Wrap

Gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, onion, & Tzatziki sauce

Classic B.L.T.

Bacon, lettuce, tomato on Texas Toast

Pulled Pork

w/ BBQ sauce

Corned Beef

Sandwich or Wrap w/ side of fries & pickle

Corned Beef w/ Swiss

Sandwich or Wrap w/ side of fries & pickle

Bigg Boy

2 beef patties with American cheese, special sauce, lettuce, pickles on a triple bun

Scalpers Slob

2 fresh beef patties, w/provolone & American cheese, onions rings, BBQ sauces & side of fries

Mini Scalpers Slob


All Egg Burger

Egg, bacon, cheese, grilled onions, mayo, ketchup & side of tots

Frank's Classic Burger

Fresh beef patty topped w/Salami, Capicola, Ham, Provolone, & American Cheese

Post Season Burger

Cajun seasoned burger with Cajun mayo, bacon, mozzarella cheese, & 3 poppers on a brioche bun

Crispy Scalpers

1/2 lb. Fresh Burger with crisscut fries(4), Am. cheese, pickles, lettuce, & tomato

Chicken Breast

Grilled breast served on a Brioche bun with mayo, onions, lettuce & tomato (Add Buffalo or BBQ..$8.95

Chicken Melvin

Chicken breast covered w/fries & slaw on a Brioche bun

Polish Boy

Polish sausage with fries, our renowned BBQ sauce and slaw

Asian Wrap

2 Chicken tenders, mix HM & Asian sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, & cheddar cheese

Muni Lot Wrap

Breaded Chicken, fries, hot sauce, ranch, mozzarella cheese, fried on flat top

Scalpers Patty Melt


Grilled Cheese



Sandwich or Wrap w/ side of fries & pickle

From the Sea

Shrimp Basket

Fried Shrimp, fries, cole slaw & cocktail sauce

Tuna Melt

Served on a toasted Texas toast with American Cheese

Fish Big Boy w/ Fries


Fish Sandwich

Deep fried fish filet served on a Brioche bun with tartar sauce, lettuce, & tomato


Two deep fried fish filets, fries & cole slaw w/tartar sauce

Stacked Fries

A house specialty, all selections served over a heaping mound of fries

Stacked Scalper

Breaded chicken covered with mild garlic sauce, bacon, grilled onions, & mozzarella

Stacked Chicken Parm

Breaded chicken smothered with marinara sauce & mozzarella

Stacked Philly

Philly steak covered with peppers, onions, & mozzarella

Stacked Mexican

Spicy ground beef smothered with cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream & salsa

Stacked Greek

Gyro meat, gyro sauce, lettuce, onions, & tomato

Stacked Irish

Corned Beef

Stacked Bigg Boy

Grilled beef patties with cheese, special sauce, lettuce and pickles

Stacked Buffalo

Breaded chicken smothered with Buffalo sauce, ranch, & mozzarella

Stacked Texan

Ground beef smothered with cheddar, onion rings, & our homemade BBQ sauce

Stacked Polish Boy

Polish sausage covered with slaw & BBQ sauce

Stacked Pizza

Cheese, pepperoni, & marinara

Ice Cream Treats

Ice Cream Sandwich


Chocolate Taco


Strawberry Shortcake Bars


Sandwich Chocolate Chip Cookie


Lemon Ice


Drumstick Vanilla


Oreo Cookie Sandwich King


Sandwich M & M Cookie


Reese's Peanut Butter Bar


Ice Pop